For you I would overthrow

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Just seen abortion id, female police officer will laugh: "what a coincidence, but JiangXiaoJie with the shaft is Mr Question mark has the same birthday."

May be because of the rain, the hall was not a few people, so the policewoman words are xuanyuan question mark heard. He looked up, just hit the abortion at sight, eye to eye, handover place like a fire into a piece of.

"Hey, give your id card I see." Xuanyuan question mark retracting mobile phone, in the mood to go before the abortion.

"No, see also want to see you."

"YangYang" helpless, had to take out his id card to abortion. Abortion took his id card a look and found him and his was born on the same day the two men. This meeting, also really is very much like his novels plot, the problem is, she could still knitting not such a coincidence.

"Hello, what time do you born?" Xuanyuan question mark for the first time meet so coincidence, smiling and looking at the same day and see the sunshine girl.


"Twelve at noon, noon."

"Oh. That I was born at 7 PM.

Xuanyuan question mark hey hey a smile: "yes, my older than you. See, today before coming here, all the things happened just a starter, its purpose is but lead you I meet."

They didn't see the hostility, female police are happy to let them talk.

"Hello, the coffee shop job isn't suitable for you, want to change a place to work?" Xuanyuan question mark is very enthusiastic.

"Don't want to." Abortion shook his head.

"Heard that your article is well written, or go to the art and literature press when editor? Write their own the publishing?"

"No." Kidding, abortion shook his head as rattle.

"So... can you give me a contact way?"

"No." This absolutely not, never to the complicated background of boys have any association.

Xuanyuan question mark embarrassed smile, at that time do not know how to answer the words.

"Abortion!" At this time, HeXiangDong from director office out.

Xuanyuan question mark active in HeXiangDong beck, he smile still casually, "a misunderstanding. I went back to certain very good about my friends."

"JiangXiaoYue is my... good friends." In the presence of a stranger's face, HeXiangDong seems to want to find a suitable name for abortion, so as to make it clear what he and abortion "unusual" relationship.

Xuanyuan question mark'll understand their relationship, nod, slightly closer HeXiangDong small track: "his women of course to protect. It should be put in my body - who will dare to bully JiangXiaoYue, I must give him!"

"Good say, ha ha, good say."

Two men incredibly big smile, and hold each other's hand.

Just such a surface, HeXiangDong will take abortion to see big customer, want to help abortion do business plan will fall through.

Fortunately abortion was don't want to owe HeXiangDong and customs, to HeXiangDong pursuit, abortion also don't want to respond, so, she would feel comfortable.
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